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Guilt is a feeling of responsibility or remorse and can have effects on a person’s wellbeing.

physical pain, insomnia, trouble sleeping, irregular eating habits, poor concentration or loss of focus, anger, self-blame, suppression of feelings, stress, sadness, irritability, negative effect on relationships may not be able to practice cultural beliefs or traditions

Guilt can have effects on physical wellbeing, causing sleeplessness, irregular eating habits, etc.

Living with feelings of guilt may hinder one’s ability to concentrate on work, engage in daily life activities and relationships, and make decisions.

A person's spiritual wellbeing may be affected by guilt. A person may choose to not connect with others out of feelings of guilt.  Additionally, guilt may cause a person to feel shamed, or unworthy, causing him/ her to not want to engage in his/ her cultural practices, traditions, or spiritual practices.  Cultural and spiritual beliefs may cause further feelings of guilt, or may help a person to resolve feelings of guilt. 

Living with guilt can affect other emotions, such as developing feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger.  Guilt can drive low-self esteem, or people having low self-esteem may more easily experience guilt.