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Depression is more than feeling sad or down. It is an experience during which a person will have persistent feelings of sadness- enough that it affects his/ her every day quality of life. A person may also experience a  loss of interest in what they once enjoyed, decreased energy, and a number of physical symptoms.

Bodily pain, weight changes, irregular sleeping habits (insomnia), reduced motivation, poor concentration, negative mood swings, loneliness, loss of interest, anger, lack of spirituality in one’s life, loss of identity, unsociable, suppression, suicidal, stigma, social withdrawal, self-blame, sadness, poverty, PTSD.

Depression expressed physically may include bodily pain, appetite changes, and irregular sleeping habits.

Intellectually, depression can include a lack of motivation, problems with concentrations, difficulties with one's memory etc.

When an individual is depressed (s)he may also have feelings of pervasive sadness, hopelessness, anger, frustration, aggression, and irritability. 

Spiritual depression may be expereinced as a loss of interest in one's spirituality.  As well, a person may disconnect from others, resulting in feelings of isolation.