Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Honesty is the quality of being truthful, genuine, and sincere. It can also be a statement made that is free from deceit or fraud.

A person who is being honest is sincere and shares what (s)he sees as accurate and true. Often honesty is accompanied by compassion, as people want to be truthful out of a caring attitude.

Being honest can have positive effects on one's physical body. It can be freeing and energizing to oneself and supportive towards others.

Honesty of the mind involves understanding one's thoughts, as well as the necessary steps to react to and participate in situations with truthfulness.

Emotional honesty is being aware of one's emotions and feelings and expressing them in clear, healthy ways.

Honesty is a value throughout many spiritual paths and traditions. Spiritual honesty is being truthful to oneself and to others.