Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Meditation is a way to increase awareness of the present moment.  There are many different ways to meditate, all of which involve a calm focus of the mind. Some techniques include quietly focusing on one's breathing, humming or chanting a chosen sound, choosing a particular movement, or visualizing an object.   

Most people find a quiet and peaceful place to meditate which is free of distractions. One may select a still meditative pose or engage in a walking meditation.  After meditating, most people are more calm, relaxed, and focused.

Meditation has physical affects on the body such as relaxing muscle tension and reducing pain.

Meditation has an affect on one's mind.  It can dramatically change a person's thought process to become more focused, efficient, and positive while reducing negative thoughts.

Spiritually, meditation can be used to increase awareness and understanding, while living more in the present moment.  Many spiritual and religious traditions include meditative practices. 

Emotionally, meditation can ease feelings of anxiety, self-blame, anger, hatred, sadness, as well as reducing periods of depression, fatigue and numbness.