Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Apathy is no longer feeling the depth of one's emotions and losing an overall interest in aspects of life which  motivate or excite other people.

Lack of interest, suppression, lack of cultural traditions, spiritual guidance, or cultural knowledge, emotional distress, reduced motivation, feeling indifferent, unsociable, sadness

A person who is feeling apathetic may lack energy and lose interest in being active.  A person who is recovering from an illness or injury may feel apathetic.

Apathy may be experienced in the intellectual quadrant as thoughts of disinterest and a loss of motivation

An apathetic person may disconnect from others or from his/her cultural traditions and/ or faith/ spirituality.  Or, feeling disconnected may influence feelings of apathy.

A person will not feel his/ her full range or depth of emotions, as usual emotions are replaced by feeling indifferent and/ or withdrawn. 

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