Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Questioning is the state of asking and wanting to know more about a subject in order to: be reassured that what you believe to be true is, make a decision to change a lifestyle or get rid of doubt.

A person who is questioning something may be extremely curious, sad, angry and frustrated or a combination of all.

A person could be questioning their abilities, their existence or their believe in their god. When a person is question this kind of spiritual related things they will tend to ask the simple question "Why?"

Physical reprecussions of questioning may be fatigue, tiredness, reduced energy and motivation as the constant seeking knowledge may require extended travel.

Mentally questioning can cause an individual to become unsociable, depressed, feel servere mistrust, stressed and think sad thoughts as the person finds themselves asking the same thing over and over without a satisfactory answer.

Questioning may cause a person to expreience emotional feelings of self-blame, crying, hatred, guilt and helplessness for buying into an ideal in the beginning.

Spiritually questioning can can be as simple as clarification of a cultural tradtion. It my also be a more complex situation where the individual questions their own exsistence or believe in their god.

(C. Jaccobs, personal communication, June 12, 2013. )