Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion

Attending Classes

Is the act of being present for a class or classes. Usually this terms implies that the individual arrives before class has started (attending the whole class).

A person who is attending classes is usually knowledgable about things currently being talked about in that particular course or program. A sign that a person attends classes regularly is if they can always siting in roughly the same place every class which would suggest that they are always early.

Physically a person who attends class sits straight and has a clear and focused attitude to fully absorb what they are learning.

Mentally attending classes leaves the individual feeling less confused and stressed about what they are learning. It also makes they aware of an additional supports the instructor has for the class.

Emotionally people who attend classes are not found too stressed out to sleep, crying, too fatigued or depressed about school.

Attending spiritual classes can help the individual from feeling lost or left out of their own culture, society  or religion.