Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Fitness is the state or condition of being in good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise, proper nutrition, and a good mindset.

A person has great level of fitness if they are balancing three things: Engaging in a good amount of physical activity, keeping a healthy mindset, and eating a healthy diet which includes all of his/ her essential nutrients while minimizing "junk food".

Fitness affects your body by influencing, better circulation, healthy weight, reduced time to recover from sickness and the ability to have heightened senses.

People who include physical activity as part of their regular routine, tend to have more positive thoughts, allowing them to have an incredible capacity to cope and navigate through rough situations.

Physical fitness helps to elevate mood levels and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety creating more balanced emotional health, or emotional fitness.

A person who is spiritually fit is content with his/ her belief system, life philosophy, and/ or faith/ spirituality. (S)he is happy to connect with others, as well as with their culture, tradition, or faith.