Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Nature refers collectively to the physical world around us and everything in it, including plants, animals, mountains, oceans, and all other organic life. To connect with and enjoy nature means to receive pleasure or satisfaction from the natural organic surroundings.

Enjoying nature can be as simple as relaxing outside under a shady tree on a day of beautiful weather. Whenever people are relaxing or being active outside, they are enjoying nature.

You can enjoy nature physically by smelling the scent of a forest, feeling water or wind or seeing the visual beauty of your surroundings.

Enjoying nature can help to ease thoughts of the mind as people contemplate and appreciate the simple beauty of their natural surroundings.

On an emotional level, enjoying nature can cause people to feel calm, relaxed and even inspire hope for the future.

Connecting with or enjoying nature in a spiritual sense can be restful, energizing, motivating and raise self-esteem and self-worth as individuals feel connected to their surroundings.