Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


We often think of travelling as embarking on a journey to discover new places, take in sights, learn, and relax. People may enjoy travelling alone or in groups, and may travel for many reasons including vacation, research, recreation, tourism, and business.

Booking a vacation, taking a trip to visit family or friends, going somewhere new

Travelling has a positive effect on one's holistic overall health. People may choose to slow down when they travel, calming their minds and bodies. This allows people to rejuvenate and recharge so they can regain creativity and motivation in their everyday lives. Others may choose to embark on an adventure, energizing their intellectual and physical sides. When one has the opportunity to relax, enjoy, and discover, one's emotional life becomes more balanced. Travelling can be a spiritual experience and some choose to take spiritual quests such as a pilgrimage.