Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Being supportive is the act of providing encouragement, assistance, or emotional support to another.

Being supportive can have the appearance of performing simple good deeds on a daily basis. Being supportive can also be helping someone, being there for a person to talk to, or being an individual who gives encouragement throughout a time of emotional turmoil.

Being supportive in a physical manner is helping someone with moving, lifting, walking or just being there to give a hug when needed. Being intellectually supportive can be as simple as listening to and thinking about what is being said to you as someone 'vents' to you, which can lessen that person's anxiety and stress. Being spiritually supportive can encourage people by reinforcing the idea of an individual's self-worth and pride in his/ her culture or tradition. Emotional support can occur when a person, group, or organization creates a safe environment to express feelings and emotions, free from judgments.