Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Oppression is the feeling of being heavily burdened, by troubles, adverse conditions, or issues of injustice, including facing discrimination and power misuse. Oppression can be experienced by individuals and/ or by groups of people.

Shame, stress, anxiety, depression, reduced self-esteem, sadness, worry, self-blame, self-doubt, weight loss or gain, difficulties sleeping, suspiciousness, resilience, courage, taking a stance for justice

Living with oppression is a stressful experience.  Physically, one may experience the same signs of stress on the body, including, weight loss or gain, difficulties sleeping, et cetera.

Intellectually a person living with oppression may have thoughts of self-doubt, worry, and suspiciousness.  One may also plan ways to challenge issues of injustice, by drawing  on his/ her strengths and courage.

Spirtually, when living with oppression, a person may lose his/ her sense of self from living with feelings of low self-worth.  A person may also draw upon his/ her resilience to challenge the issues of injustice and connect with people to take a stance.

Emotionally, a person may experience feelings of shame, depression, or sadness.  Alternatively, a person may feel courageous and consequently empowered when challenging issues of oppression.