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Anxiety is an experience when one feels worried, uneasy, or distressed, sometimes having physical signs such as shakiness, or an elevated heart beat. People experiencing anxiety can also have persistent and invasive thoughts of worry. There are different terms which refer to experiences of living with anxiety including, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Panic Disorder.

Changes in blood pressure, elevated heart beat, shakiness or trembling, weight changes, difficulties sleeping, reduced motivation, difficulties concentrating, feelings of uneasiness, stress, fatigue, frustration, crying, diziness,  sweating, irratability, panic, excessive worry

Anxiety experienced physically can include diziness, elevated heart beat, bodily pain, weight changes, shakiness, sweating, and irregular sleeping habits.

Living with persistent, invasive anxious thoughts may make concentrating and problem-solving difficult, as well as reduce one's motivational levels.  

Emotionally, a person who is living with anxiety may have feelings of uneasiness, exessive worry, frustration, and/ or sadness.

Spiritually, a person living with anxiety may disconnect from others and be worried about his/ her future and/ or overall purpose in life.