Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Not finding the same level of enjoyment from what was previously considered to be fun and full of pleasure.

Decrease in exercise, difficulties thinking and concentrating, decreased interest in nurturing the spiritual self, neglect of relationships, reduced motivation, sadness, depression, fatigue, humiliation, reduced energy

Disinterest can affect a person's holistic well-being.  One may no longer enjoy engaging in physical exercise, or begin to neglect his/ her well-being by not eating well or getting enough sleep. Being disinterested can affect one's ability to concentrate and engage in school and work tasks and activities. Spiritually, a person may choose to no longer nurture, his/ her spiritual self or disconnect from others. Emotionally, a lack of interest may affect a person's happiness or joy if (s)he may no longer participate in activities (s)he once enjoyed, or neglects relationships that were once important.