Four Quadrants
Body Mind Spirit Emotion


Pain is an experience of discomfort or hurt which can vary in intensity. Pain can be experienced physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Distress, reduced energy, reduced motivation, abuse (physical, emotional or mental), emotional suppression, oppression, helplessness, bullying, questioning beliefs, depression, grief/mourning, sadness, physical injury, loneliness

In the physical quadrant, pain may be experienced as a result of illness or injury.

Intellectually, pain may be experienced as thoughts which lead to feelings of depression.

Living with pain may influence the way in which a person connects or spends time with friends and family.  Experiencing pain may influence a person's belief system and/ or spiritual journey. One may begin to question one's purpose,  or build resilience to endure or overcome pain.

Emotional pain may be experienced as loneliness or overwhelming sadness or grief. Emotional pain may be expressed or suppressed depending upon the individual and the situation.