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Fatigue is a pervasive feeling of weariness or  exhaustion. One longs to rest to regain energy and strength.

Frequent illness, bodily pain or physical weakness, a feeling that one can not make it through the day, difficulties concentrating without feeling drained, reduced motivation, loss of interest, loss of appetite, numbness

Physically, fatigue can feel as if one's energy and strength has been drained making it difficult for an individual to get through the day without feeling exhausted.

Fatigue may make it difficult for an individual to concentrate on one task for too long.

Spiritually, one may experience a loss of a sense of self, as (s)he may feel too tired to complete his/ her every day tasks and activities.  Fatigue may make it difficult to connect with others, as well.  

Feeling fatigued can influence a person's emotions, making them feel sad, or even depressed, if (s)he longs to be able to feel energized again.  Overhwelming negative emotions can also make a person feel fatigued.

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