Four Quadrants
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Elder Support

When people seek insight or advice from someone they perceive as wise or experienced, this can be seen as receiving elder support.  A supportive elder may have experienced a similiar situation in his/her past, or simply hold much wisdom about life.  You may seek advice from an elder from a particular faith or cultural tradition, or simply from someone you trust and view as knowledgeable. In Aboriginal/First Nations/ Inuit/ Metis cultures, elders are individuals who have had enough life experience to have something to offer the younger generations. Elders are role models, and offer support to all young people by being a source of wisdom, understanding, and guidance.

Finding that one can seek advice from a knowledgeable person who has much life experience, or extensive knowledge with a particular situation

One may seek advice and insight to guide an important decision that needs to be made. Some may seek traditional and cultural healing advice for a particular physical symptom or ailment.  A supportive elder may guide one emotionally by helping individuals express grief, fatigue, sadness, etc. in healthy ways.  Also, an elder may be an encouragement to one's spiritual journey, by listening and offering words of wisdom.